Digital Literacy: A student perspective

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It was Paul Gilster who came up with the concept of digital literacy in his book (Gilster 1997). With a broad approach he defines ‘digital literacy’ as the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers.

This concept is still very popular and widely used; however, some tech moguls and writers differ with this concept considering it as ‘out-dated’. I believe they should, depending on tech-revolution in 21st century. According to ‘Hague and Payton’, digital literacy means ‘knowing how technology and media affect the ways in which we go about finding things out, communicating with one another, and gaining knowledge and understanding. And it also means understanding how technologies and media can shape and influence the ways in which school subjects can be taught and learnt. (Williamson and Hague 2009)

With the increase in the use of technology the importance of digital literacy grows proportionally, today’s student need to know how to use technology to acquire knowledge and information, they need to know how to explore the digital world, they need to learn how to be creative and think critically. To acquire these digital literacy skills, one must study and practice, for this purpose I am recommending different websites that have simplified the learning experience such as internet literacy, effective communication and involves public speaking, they are as following.


This site offers learning and free certification in a wide range of careers from courses such as personal development and soft skills to professional skills, languages, finance and economy.



My personal favorite, yes I have a TED app in my mobile and frequently use it to learn from some of my favorite speakers. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. This site offers TED talks from some of the inspiring speakers from across the globe with the main purpose to educate, inspire, show-case design or new technology. This site is also considered as the number one site for obtaining and scrutinizing ideas.


This site is for those who are climbing the ladder in the business/corporate world and are looking for professional advises on working styles and efficiency.


Note: There are other amazing websites for learning but these are the ones I have personally experienced and would fit both for students at campus and employees at business/corporate level.

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