Digital Literacy and Sustainable Education of Women in Afghanistan is the Business Opportunity of This Decade

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My father Roberto is a retired textile agent. When I was a kid, he used to take me along to visit some of his clients in Tuscany. The head of the fashion manufacturing company was almost always the wife. The husband was usually the book keeper, as a consequence of what happened during and after World War II. During World War II, men were working in factories. At the end of the war, they lost their jobs. Women, instead, had started successful seamstress businesses at home. In the 1940's and 1950's, the financial control of thousands of Italian families switched hands from men to women. This was a determining factor for the emancipation of women in Italy.

Today, our mission is to support Afghan women with sustainable education and digital literacy, help them reach personal financial independence, and project Afghanistan into the future. In Afghanistan, schools for girls are a necessity and the best investment on the planet. We are building Internet Media Labs in schools in Afghanistan to connect 160,000 Afghan children to the World Wide Web, thanks to the collaboration with Ms. Roya Mahboob, a business woman and the CEO of the most successful software company in Afghanistan. More than half of her employees are women.



We are working with Roya Mahboob's social media and educational team on creating a network of Afghan women who can write and report on current events, culinary and lifestyle information, sports and many other aspects of the positive stories of Afghanistan. We are paying them based on the BuzzScore, which exceeds worldwide expectations. We are working on the construction of a sophisticated network of writers throughout the country, and teaching them how to write a blog and get paid by Film Annex and its partners.

Schooling in Afghanistan can be a challenge because of the lack of infrastructure, but the determination of Afghan women is overcoming most obstacles. With the injection of investments, the educational system in Afghanistan will change the destiny of the region.

Supporting the education of Afghanistan is a great investment with great return. Our current investment allows students to increase their prospective salaries by 8 times, reduce our production costs, and add an incredible variety of content in English and two additional native languages. Italian women rebuilt Italy after WWII. Afghan women are doing it today for Afghanistan.

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