Digital Literacy Winter Courses in Herat, Afghanistan, by Women's Annex Foundation

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Winter is going to start with all its problems in a country like Afghanistan. The weather is changing to be cold and snow is going to spread its white covering over nature. This white covering doesn't have a good message for Afghans. This year the same as previous years we decided to make this winter a bit warmer by organizing some courses for school students.Students are very happy and can't wait to start studying.


The enthusiasms among the students give us the energy to organize these classes. We have arranged a curriculum for all levels thats is being taught by professional teachers who graduated from Computer Science. 

These classes are organized after consulting with students. They are very happy and appreciating WomenAnnex foundation for creating this chance for them.

Since most of the families in Afghanistan are influenced by traditional conservative values and do not let their girls participate in private courses; we are working to offer them new tools to explore the World Wide Web for new opportunities and inspirations; this is why Digital Literacy is so important for the girls and their families, it would be a great chance for the students to learn Computer Science and English in a completely safe environment. In these classes subjects like Computer basic,Social media & Internet, HTML, Marketing, photography and English language are being taught. There are a lot of student from different schools registered in these classes.
There are a lot of student from different schools registered in these classes. Following is a list of all students and schools:

Gowhar Shad Begom High School

Approximately  350

Mahjube heravi High School

Approximately 400

Mirman Hayati High School

Approximately 350

Amir Ali Shir Nawaye High School

Approximately 300

Abdulla Hatifi High School

Approximately 600

Hozakarbas High School

Approximately 620

Malake Jalali High School

Approximately 280

We have organized everything and tried to solve all problems, but there still exists the power problem in some schools which we try to solve that.

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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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