#DigitalCurrency #Bitcoin "Lets see if #JeffBezos steps up to the plate on this one!"

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Traditional currencies like the US Dollar, the Euro, or the Yen are obsolete for digital users. Those currencies were designed well before the Internet was a factor, and are limited by old banking and geographic regulations and limitations. In essence, traditional currencies can't work as Digital Currencies for Digital Transactions operated on the World Wide Web! Traditional currencies can work for limited regions in the world, but DEFINITELY NOT for the World Wide Web!

Digital Currencies like BitCoin are designed to empower and finance users who are operating in the World Wide Web with no traditional geographic and local regulatory limitations.

Digital Currencies are developed in Open Source. Consequently, thousands and thousands of developers participate in the improvement of the Algorithms. This assures further reliability, ironically the opposite of what most people think. "Lets see if Jeff Bezos steps up to the plate on this one!"



At @FilmAnnex, starting February 1st, we will use BitCoin as our digital currency and method of payment, with no transfer fees costs, completely independent from traditional banking systems. We also believe that BitCoin is the perfect fit for Film Annex Philanthropic missions associated to the Women's Annex Foundation, like #DigitalLiteracy and #DigitalCitizenship. I invite you to read: .@FilmAnnex first believer of #DigitalCurrencies like #BitCoin from a true Philanthropic perspective!


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