#DigitalLiteracy = #SocialMediaThatPays = #Entrepreneurialism

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Entrepreneurs are people that believe in their ideas and, against the odds, pursue their dreams. Entrepreneurialism is a terminology to describe the movement and philosophy that motivates them to take Social and Operational Risk.


When I started Film Annex in 2005, I wanted to give filmmakers a place where to show their films and get paid for their work, even when a film was not distributed on TV or in theaters. Since then, we paid over $1.5 millions to Independent Filmmakers, Writers and Social Media Experts with a community of 300,000 Entrepreneurs working on Film Annex.



Two years ago, we started the Afghan Development Project, supporting Roya Mahboob in the construction of 10 Internet classrooms in Herat and the introduction of the Internet to over 50,000 students. We introduced them to  Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurship.



This year, Film Annex tagline became “Social Media That Pays”.




In a few words, today here is what we stand for:


#DigitalLiteracy = #SocialMediaThatPays = #Entrepreneurialism


Those are three concepts that work together for a better world and focus on Citizenship Without Borders with no limitations.


Those who are logged in on @FilmAnnex benefit from revenues and sustainability. Those who are not logged in give their time to social networks in return for free services but no financial support and sustainability. This is why here at @FilmAnnex, we decided to take this journey:


#DigitalLiteracy = #SocialMediaThatPays = #Entrepreneurialism


The driving force of Entrepreneurialism and the future growth of developing countries are Women. This is why last year, we started the Women's Annex Foundation to further educate and finance women and their ideas and projects.


Fereshteh Forough, Board Member of Women's Annex Foundation at Ted Talk on Citizenship Without Borders



And 300,000 people from 245 countries joined us.


Please visit my personal page on Film Annex and subscribe. Please also visit Women's Annex and subscribe to it for updates, articles and videos.


Francesco Rulli



#Entreprenurialism, #SocialRisk and #OperationalRisk are terms used by Malcom Gladwell during his recent and talk about his latest book David and Goliath.


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