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Cebu City has numerous places to go to when it comes to food. There are fast food chains all over the city, some, even more, cheaper across the streets while there are others which are inside air-conditioned rooms with pretty comfortable seats.

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This Sunday was yet another day of trying out new places to eat. I had talked about Oh Georg! before when we visited their branch in Ayala Center. Today, allow me to share this new experiences at their bigger branch along Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue named Cafe Georg.

Cafe Georg


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

Unlike the first branch which we visited, this one here is a little bigger, it is on the ground floor of the MLD Building where boutiques are also in place. Usually, this place is packed with several customers so we were really blessed to arrive at a time where there were still fewer people.

Church service ended at 5:30 PM and Cafe Georg is just a minute of a ride from church or four minutes walking distance. We didn’t plan for this dinner but when we were on our way out, we thought it is best to eat dinner first before going home. Then we thought of going to Cafe Georg since it is just nearby and we had been longing to try that branch too.

Obviously, we can’t imagine that it would just be a minute drive away from the church building. We thought Google Maps was just kidding but it was indeed true! There’s actually a road opening to Banilad road from Cebu City IT Park so it was easier to get to that area.

Cafe Georg Ambiance and Interiors


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

Dominatingly white, that’s how I would describe Cafe Georg. Their walls, tables and even the accents are mostly white and off white in color. There were a few darker toned accessories here and there but it was as if negligible due to the dominance of the color white.

The restaurant for sure was clean, I couldn’t really recall the accents they had put up for the interior decoration because when we arrived, all ten or more tables inside the air-conditioned room were reserved. There were only a few present customers at that time but the staff can’t give up one table which was good for two instead, she offered us the tables at the veranda.

Of course, she asked if it was okay for us to stay there, it was a plus point for customer service by the way. I had no issues about eating al fresco style and so did James so we ended up taking the best-lighted wood designed table.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

Surrounded by four rattan made chairs, we sat and conversed about how this restaurant is a hit to the Cebuano taste buds, that almost all reviews I found online have mentioned that it is really a challenge to get a table immediately. Most customers would certainly call prior to arrival.

We were blessed to secure our table right when we arrived because just a few minutes after we gave our orders, more and more hungry customers started arriving with their four-wheeled cars. Although it was just at their veranda, we were really comfortable, surprisingly, there was no single fly or mosquito, thanks to their electric insect killer placed at the center of the veranda.

Food Review

I don’t want to talk about the menu range since I had already dealt with that in the previous blog. Instead, I will be talking about what we ordered and how they tasted. Because of the number of customers who call for reservations and even those who are willing to wait, I am already assuming that the food here is really good.

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Based on their online ratings, they always have four and more star ratings. Also, considering their small branch in Ayala Center is also gaining lots of diners, I bet they are really consistent in terms of their cooking style.

Spinach and Cheese Dip


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

For the starter, we got Spinach and Cheese Dip which is basically melted cheese, I believe it was Mozzarella and Spinach then served with few pieces of garlic toast. The presentation was fine, the dip was in the middle of the garlic toast. This was only good for Php 195 and is already good for two to three persons.

I definitely love how the cheese stretches itself when we dip the garlic toast into it. There’s a spoon provided as well in case the cheese won’t break apart. The Spinach and cheese compliments each other. Both James and I agree that this is good. But we didn’t finish it right away because each of our orders arrived before we could consume everything.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken

James loves lemongrass, I remember back in Bohol when we visited this native restaurant in the heart of Tagbilaran City and he ordered their lemongrass tea. He definitely can’t forget that to the point where every single time we visit that specific place, we would always order the same type of tea.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

Here at Cafe Georg, he found a lemongrass recipe in the face of the lemongrass marinated boneless chicken breasts with sweet chili sauce and of course that’s what he requested. There’s an option to either get a bowl of rice or salad on the side, he preferred the green salad. And when it arrived, boy, the grilled chicken looked perfect!

The white plate was really helpful that the colors of the chicken and the salad pop out. I was amazed at how perfectly the grilled chicken breast looked. Plus, the green salad was definitely looking fresh too! They look like they were freshly picked from their backyard garden although I inspected, they didn’t seem to have one in the vicinity so I assume they have a good supplier. It was a simple salad, with a combination of Romaine and Loose-leaf lettuce and a few cucumber slices but the lemon dressing was really good.


When James’ order came, I was a little envious and thought to myself I should have ordered the salad because we came from this Prayer Retreat and the food there was all meat and there were fewer vegetables so I am definitely in need of good amount of fiber.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

Anyway, I have no other choice but to face my Bolognara, its a pasta dish with a combination of two sauces from Bolognese and Carbonara. I have never tried this before so as I was running through the menu, I was curious how that taste, well, I should have known that it is just those two pasta recipes in combo.

Then I had reminded myself of how a woman like me really has this decision making that easily changes. I had to take this pasta and eat it. It comes with garlic bread on the side too which looked stiff from the outside but actually soft and good!

The pasta was good too! I just had to put some Spinach and Cheese dip into my bread!

Drinks and Desserts


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

The meal has to be complimented of course with drinks and perhaps some desserts too! For me, I opted for a hot green tea from Stash, specifically their peppermint flavor. The smell of peppermint relaxes me and I was glad that they allow adding hot water into my transparent mug when the water was starting to get cold in the middle of our dinner.

James, on the other hand, chooses the cold fresh calamansi juice. Nothing special about it as it is just the common Filipino citrus juice. They didn’t pair it with honey or any sweetener though so I believe it was already sweetened, my husband didn’t complain as well about it.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

But for the dessert, of course, we tried their Carrot Walnut Cake, this has two layers of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I like that the carrot that was on top wasn’t hard, it was just frosting designed into a carrot. It wasn’t too sweet which I definitely like, I love Leona’s Carrot Cake but this one from Cafe Georg seems better because it didn’t taste too sweet compared to that of Leona, so I guess I have a new favorite now when it comes to Carrot Cakes.

Cafe Georg Service and Staff


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

I have nothing bad to say about their service or the staff, as a matter of fact, I appreciate them all for being so attentive and so courteous with all their guests. I didn’t feel like being left behind although they have lots of customers. Mind you, these customers look like they have been here hundreds of times already!

Our orders also came just in time and the staff who was assisting us noted that we would like to have our dessert served later after dinner. I missed to get her name though but we definitely left a tip for her.



Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Facebook

In general, both James and I agreed we have a good experience, we don’t have any complaint and we felt stuffed and satisfied with this dinner date. We also had a good laugh and we talked about several things most especially discussed the sermon preached by Pastor TJ earlier at Living Word IT Park.

It is safe to say that we will be visiting this restaurant again in the future. We hope that we could secure a seat inside their air-conditioned room so we can take more photos but we are still satisfied if in case we would be staying at the veranda. We both desire to try out the rest of their menu options in the future.


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