Directioners: What makes them so in love with the 5 boys?

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First, I want to start out saying that this fandom of girls is not like the typical fandom. Never in my life have I seen such dedicated fans. They have hacked into security cameras at airports just to see the boys board planes. They have leaked songs before they were announced. So, to all you parents or guardians of teenage girls, watch out to make sure they don't catch this infection. ONE DIRECTION INFECTION that is. Its spreading like an actual disease. By witnessing this craze, I have seen girls who have given up everything for these boys. However, have you ever thought to think why? Well, your about to find out. Every girl wants a guy to love her and tell her shes beautiful. Well, the first song of this world-famous boy-band is "What Makes You Beautiful". So now not only are the boys charming and irresistable to teenage girls but they now are showing characteristics of a great personality. Looking further into their career, their songs still continue on with them telling their fans how they should be confident and they're beautiful. They support their fans and are actually releasing a song soon called Diana and it is dedicated to all the depressed fans. They care so much about their fans and so the fans keep on falling harder and harder i n love with the boys. There's no stopping a Directioners obsession. So, if you have a directioner on your hands, HAVE FUN! 

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