Disadvantages and symptoms of drugs

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Hi friends it is the age at which every illiterate person is ruined in bad habit of drug. Due to this bad habit the sole bread earners of family have been ruined. The students that were toppers are reduced to failure due to friendship with the guys of bad company .


The other bad habit of the people is that they  think that we are looking cool but the main thing is that these cigarettes are the cause of their death because they make them patient of cancer and this can be proved by following picture:

Today nearly 1.5 MILLION people are suffering from bad habit of drugs . The most popular and harmful drugs are  OPIUM, HEROIN, HASHISH and MARIJUANA.

MARIJUANA and HASHISH are made from the dry leaves and flowers of HEMP.


HEMP is used in making of drugs. HEROIN is too poisonous that it damages the nerve cells of brain. A person who addict HEROIN can neither think clearly nor work actively.

A friend of bad company first offers you drugs free of cost but once a person caught in the bad habit it become too difficult for that person to shake it off. So friends please be aware of drugs and if the condition of drugs exists consult a good health doctor


  We should have to give up the bad habit of smoking and pray to GOD to save us from smoking.



Naila Kashaf

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