disasters affectig the world

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There are many disasters in the world that affect the humans, wildlife and earth. This is my topic because I want to tell people that what we were doing wrong.

The waste of factories affects the air, wildlife and also ozone layer. Dangerous Fire effect the human health. Terrorism is very bad act in the world government should end this and save lives. They should arrest the thieves and save lives.

Noise, water, air and many types of pollution is a disaster which should be ended. Deforestation is a very bad condition of a country it affects the humans and wild life also decreases the oxygen in that case we can’t breathe.

Poverty is a very common disaster. Poor men have nothing to eat but rich man eat several dishes there is no equality in the world no one wants to share something with other.

Wars were very bad for lives. It took many thousands of life with them no one has a right to kill somebody a man who dead has a family behind him what about their family.

 Atom bombs are the great disaster it took many lives with it the atom bomb dropped in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki till have the effect of those atom bombs. The child’s which born in there are not normal they are the kids like our kids but no one have feelings.

Someone have to stop this.

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