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The word discipline come from the Greek words discipline which means that one who follow the instruction and positive approach towards life.discipline and perfection in life style and behaviour are closely related.                                                                                             The discipline is so important in life when a person or people of nation wants to know the discipline they keep in the mind that the man is best of all the creature in this universe other creature should follow and learn from the human being .a   should be perfect in his all character.                               Character is directly related with a man in other words we says that discipline is totally related with character some one says that (when you loss money you loss nothing but when you loss  character you loss each and every thing).
The discipline must be thought at the at the very early stage and as a man growing up its totally different and thus it is difficult to indicate discipline in a person or nation we can say that discipline is key for success those who violate the principle they lose every thing in life.                                                                                     There are three type of discipline( 1)   Discipline of nature( 2) Discipline of society( 3)  Discipline of superior force. Discipline of nature is great teacher because it teach us very quickly.Discipline of superior force we should use as seldom as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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