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Discover Yourself/Talent


Hi Everyone. In this blog, I'm going to explain how you can discover yourself and identify on which stage of life at you are. A famous author explains the importance of talent that how important is to discover yourself in the world. He said that

Human has his two births. 1st is Come to the world from mother's womb, and the 2nd is when he discovers why he came to the world.

means the discovery of for what he is in this world. This is the discover you talent or also called self-actualization. It starts from the Basic needs of the human like body needs in which we have eating, wearing, residence etc. if moves from the basic needs to the upward, a triangle formed, see below.

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This is the Maslow's Theory which revolutionized the world. if you want to know that where is a person in his life, know that where is he in his needs. you can see a lot of peoples are living their lives on their basic needs or materialistic approach. it is the lowest part in the triangle and even animals have this level. Every animal of the world has his basic needs like eating meat of lion is his body need.

Video Describing our basic needs

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             Every snake in the world don't bite in anger, it bites because it feels insecurity. it bites for its survival that may the person can injure its head. Every human being wants to be safe in every condition.

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            No one in the world could live alone. To live in the world, he needs some peoples with him. this is the need too. peoples are the need of peoples. I often say to the people that world's greatest medicine is peoples themselves. peoples become the medicine of person.

Video explaining social needs

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           Also known as identity. you have your basic needs, you have a lot of money and you have safety, but you want that peoples should know me. maybe you'll arrange a party or give advertisement in the magazines or newspaper. why you'll do this? because you are now at the point of self-esteem point in the triangle. you want to show your self-esteem. Every person in the world wants to show peoples that he exists. This is his basic need.

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           All the things we discuss earlier, it comes in the basic need. Now there is a thing that is upper than all these things we discussed and that thing is called self-actualization or discovery of yourself. world's greatest discovery is the discovery of yourself and when you reached the self-actualization then what will happen?


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Let a person john come to the 2nd person smith and call him dog, but the smith smiles. john ask smith that why are you not angry? The smith was on the top of the triangle. he was on his self-actualization. smith said that, the thing you are calling me, I'm not that. When you are on that level of triangle, you won't get angry because the person is so actualized that he said that, "go man, you don't know what i am". 

This is the level of self-actualization. All the game is self-actualization. We fight for the other useless thing, but we don't fight the real fight of life. a Pakistan's poet said that

The passenger of big destinations doesn't get into small fights. Wasif Ali Wasif


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We are living in the smaller things like my house, my car, my brother, my sister, if we are living in these thing, self-actualization cannot be done. A bird that fly, even weak threads on his wings will not let it fly. Weak threads are all these things in the triangle except the upper one that don't let us fly.

you'll find all greatest peoples of the world in two categories. I'm talking about the normal peoples how grow's up, who are strugglers. Poetry, painting, writing, regions, contribution, writing, scientist or any field of life, you'll find two types of peoples who reached on the top of the triangle.

1st one is those peoples who don't care. For example, Michelangelo, painting from 15 days and when he removed his shoes, skin of foots is injured.

2nd one is those who reached on the self-actualization, greediness was no more in them. if you don't happy with money gain and don't sad with money lose, you are a great person. you are not a normal person any more. if you love more than money, it is self-actualization. you are not a simple man anymore, because peoples are doing bigger crimes for just some money. peoples are killing peoples.

This is because peoples are fighting for body needs, safety needs, social needs and self-esteem. we want you to stand on self-actualization, On the top of the triangle That is your talent. Discover your talent. Discover the characteristics that God gives you.

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The fault of you education system is, that he want a fish climbing a tree.Albert Einstein

Fish is made for water and he want it to climb the tree. He doesn’t understand that the fish is not made for climbing the tree. So, what is the new question generated here? The new question is, what I made for? Now many people say that we are made for worship of God. That is true, but what is the worship? worship is discover yourself, serve the peoples of God and live to make God happy. This is the true worship, but no one tells us. A very famous quote is often said that

Who discover himself, he discover God. Imam Al-Ghazali

Now the Self-actualization, which I called discover yourself/talent, it means that you discovered that for what I came to the world. What was my task in this world. It is said that the in the history of 10,000 years, the most important questions are 3 questions that are

  1. who am I?
  2. For what I born?
  3. What is the task I'll perform before leaving the world? 

 Now Only Great peoples think about these questions. A normal person doesn’t think about these questions. Arriving these question in mind is the argument itself that God is happy to you. The Question arrived in the mind that, I spent 30 years and I’ll spend 30 years more, but what I did in this world? just came and leaved. come and leave was not enough, do something and then leave.


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Now my question is how self-actualization will be done? Is Self-Actualization being wake up in the morning and done? Not. it is time taking process. Today is your start. If you just get on the 1st gear, then 2nd, 3rd and 4th will be shifted automatically. 

Once a person came to Wasif Ali Wasif and said that I want to know myself. Wasif Ali Wasif said that, come to me after one week. When he came back after one week, Wasif Ali Wasif asked him what your question was? he said I forgot the question. Wasif Ali Wasif said that the question you asked, could not carry with yourself only for one week, nature will not have answered for that question. When questions are carried with yourself, when you are head to toe full of questions, Nature will have answered to your questions. This is the Law of attraction. Law of attraction is, the thing you want from you heart, those things will come to you by itself.


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(Stay Blessed)


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