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Education in Afghanistan is improving day by day, as far as we know during the Taliban regime, the education system was not good, especially for girls who were not allowed to join educational institutes and other educational centers. After passing decades of war, people slowly started to find out the right way and to move towards success and development with the help of other developed countries as well as organizations. 

Today we are happy that we could find a good way and we are moving towards development. There are too many organizations working in Afghanistan for improvement of education systems, in which Film Annex and Women's Annex projects are among the most successful ones in its ways, they are working together for maintaining Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy. Film Annex and women’s Annex are going to hire women to write blogs and get paid that would help women to be financially self-sufficient. This project is working on construction of internet class rooms at schools in different provinces of Afghanistan. As far as I know this project was successful in building of ten internet class rooms, and two separate centers, in Herat and Kabul.

And trying to extend it in all over Afghanistan, this project is important for students at schools, which they can learn new methods and can be connected with the world. Besides this Film Annex and Women’s Annex are taking part in sports, as they are sponsoring a Football team “Females and Males” in Kabul.

We are really happy that they are working for a good purpose in Afghanistan for our people, such kind of activities made too many advantages, like; now the youth are interested in learning new methods and trying to maintain Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy in Afghanistan. It is a good opportunity for women which they can learn internet at schools and can work even at home and earn money to be self–sufficient. And with the power of Social Medias, we can provide several informative programs targeting women and girls that will be broadcast worldwide.

As Roya Mahboob CEO of Women’s Annex and Francesco Rulli founder and President of Film Annex are saying that Women’s Annex will be the voice of all women in Middle East and Africa. I would appreciate their efforts on working in such activities. Thank you for your outstanding job activities in Afghanistan.  


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