Do not 'love' money my husband

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You trade the position and his position is. You dazzled looks poise of a man mature and experienced. You trade the money my husband would bring to parenting, but you live in the land of Vietnam, the country is well known there is still a long dream.
> I was the third person deserves sympathy
Welcome the 3rd!

I read the words you write on the Internet, so you read these words I write today. I've known you since you are working in the office of my husband, and I consider you as normal as other employees come to work. I also know you self-assess themselves as humans have learned, virtuous, but when my husband had an accident, the actions, words, your attitude shown in front of me from night to morning in Can Tho after Saigon and the day after that really surprised me. So what is there to learn in a girl like you to express inert and so preposterous.

You really know nothing about my husband, on our family life, but only a few words said hastily compassion, and giving our hearts to him. Even my husband has said nothing to you, now we are still a family, a wife, have children and you also just old enough age children, the age of my husband's nephew. You know about my family, knew the main character's moral intelligence, so for whatever reason clinging to marry me, deliberately destroying other people happy home, claimed the father of my child?

You say my husband injured, enabling you to work and love, love him for you real quick and simple, and I'm afraid you're misunderstanding the fact that more than him for you . You say I'm loving husband, caring care for my husband because I lack interest in him. I'm funny and pity for the shallowness of your life as well as the marriage.

Let me tell you, with old daughter left school, from the countryside to the city to work and maybe this is your first agencies to work, I know what you really injured. You trade opportunities in his job for you. You trade the position and his position is.

You dazzled looks poise of a man mature and experienced. You trade the money my husband would bring to parenting, but in the land of the country you are in Vietnam are well known there is still a long dream. Not only that head injuries to your little longer want to be the wife of the Deputy Director, if so, surely you will be proud of their parents, relatives, neighbors much your home.

Wake up when there's not too late, if your intelligence is limited, I will not be responsible if your nerve problems, I also will ignore, if you are a parent, relative, friend please think about what they would say if they knew what to do sneaky, not your morals. When you blatantly to jump into another family, sought to possess love my husband, grab the child's father, but only approximately your age.

Please read my words for you and get inspired yourself, think about your own future. If you are young, educated, so you do not find the time affair with a married man and wife the full, horizontal old age his father's uncle was a stupid job. You are destroying your family or someone else's life is shattered the front, you get my husband from now until the end of your life, it is humiliating or glory for you, the parents, and Date your family.

If you are injured my husband, so when my husband's office is no longer, when my husband was out of money, when my husband is no longer healthy and pompous as you saw today, you can spend all youth, strength of the rest of his life caring for my husband? You can be sure that will live as I have lived and dedication for the past 20 years my family?

With my age and what I have experienced, only suggest one thing that you be alert and stop when there's not too late. Wash your conscience to work past sins, believe in the cause and effect in life and justice of heaven has been, is and will be for us in this world. What robbery of another never become his, you do not work for youth and their parents to school and then buried in a humble kind of love. In this world there are still full of vitality son, dignified and unselfish will bring true happiness to your life.

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