Do not place your happiness in the hands of others

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Never unfocused that put entire faith in someone is the right choice. Even myself also can not guarantee their happiness, they were as nothing to rely entirely on someone here?

Only those who understand the value of the claim itself can get justice for yourself, too soft living only bring hurt. Do not hope to rely on someone to lifelong enjoyment of happiness, hope it will be just asking for disappointment, stumbled a few times can push us to the mouth of the despair and grief.

Happiness belongs to you, let yourself embraces it, just live independent and strong as possible when necessary, respect yourself before you expect someone to bring her, know your own values so it is not a cheap thing in the eyes of others, and said angrily dismissed envy to feel at ease, do not be spiteful because things are not good.

As a game that can not handle all the victory, all bets on the person in front, unfortunately lost all his will only take a tragedy.

Put your happiness in the hands of others, is like turning yourself into someone wearing pieces arbitrary control, no self control not to learn how to protect yourself, do not dare to stand alone and not be as mature . Knowing how to seize your happiness can protect themselves from unnecessary damage, and can stand up on their own after stumbling or wrong.

Already a lifetime, to live fully, to take responsibility, then take the key role that burden brave, to be courageous fight then step up, there is nothing that is easily obtained, as well as the non-sitting waiting for someone running to say that we truly love that person will appear. We are forced to seek his own happiness, cherish it, protect it, can not arbitrarily handing out to anyone.

No one is qualified to keep everyone happy except the person themselves. To its full and sustainable, it is necessary to have a hardened heart, happiness is in your hands, right to the heart felt, not for a few moments and gave away easy mistake too, eventually lost white nothing.

Put all trust in other people is the most dangerous thing, as well as the most ridiculous thing, because we can not guarantee that they can keep as long. The heart can easily change, feelings change even more easily, once the beat is nothing left anymore, once depressed and quickly let go.

Happiness then fall out then, new data can ever find it again?

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