do not pond more in the creative block

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Good morning, today I come to give you some very useful tips that I use when leaving a creative pond. Do not you think they have hours thinking about what to write for bitlanders today and they run out of ideas? and not only with steemit can happen to anything, such as correct your thesis, make a job writing a story, it happens to me very often, but I am a writer and deal with that, I have experience in that. But why does it happen? The biggest problem is that you do not feel like writing or doing something today, and you see yourself in need of doing it, that causes stress and has the peculiarity of blocking everything, but do not stress because today I'll give you some personal advice to fight that creative pond.


  • Stop thinking about the problem


yes, do it stop thinking about the problem, stop killing yourself by squeezing your head with ideas that you do not have, because if you do not have the courage to write or paint or anything and you go and do it forced something mediocre will come out and be worse . So stand up from the chair and get done something else

  • Distract the mind


This is linked to the first advice, but sometimes to leave the problem is complicated because if it is something important like doing a job, correct a thesis, write a script for a play for the university, school, etc. unsubscribe sounds irresponsible, but in this case it will not be like that, you need to distract yourself and stop thinking about the problem. For that, go to the movies and see a series. Go out with your friends, talk about it, that will help you to get rid of a burden. They say do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, but if today I want to sunbathe and it's raining I have to leave it for tomorrow.



This is very important because exercise helps to release stress to clear the mind and oxygenate the brain, with half an hour is more than enough, you can do any sport to swim, lift weights or even make a new sport and if you leave your area comfort, I practice slaklinea in my house and it helps me a lot when it comes to releasing my stress and having a good time with my friends. So you have exercise, come to your house and take a cold bat

  • Let's do it
  • life

Once you've taken the stress off, it's time to get to work with more encouragement, do it. a list of topics that interest you and then go researching each of them, as a scheme put some music at that time disconnect from reality and focus on your work and this time do it with pleasure and you will see the results, you will see how your Creativity will flow like a huge river in creative rainy season.

good  this is all I hope you liked this post if so give me a vote. Tell me how do you do to remove the creative block?


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