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A client of mine recently said

Finally, for the first time I FEEL like I can do this!! I've always wanted to believe I could, but I never felt it. Now that I know I can do it, it all feels very doable. Thank you for helping me change my mindset!

Step 1 - Ask the Right Questions

Take 30 minutes to answer the questions bellow. Think about it: if you're not ready to invest 30 min to think about your dreams, you will never invest the energy and resources to fulfill your dreams.

If you really want something you must be prepared to let go of something else.

Q = What do you really want?

A = ...

Q = What are you prepared to give up?

A = ...

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals - Zig Ziglar

Q = What goals do you want to achieve?

A = ...

Q = Who do you want to become by achieving these goals?

A = ...

If you want to be who you want to be... you cannot be who you are now!

Q = What are you ready to give up about who you are now in order to become who you want to be?

A = ...

Step 2 - Share Your Dream

Commit to your dream and share it with others. Start by sharing your dream as a comment to this post. Then share it on your Film Annex Profile.

Think about it: if you're not ready to overcome the discomfort of sharing your dreams, you will not overcome all the discomfort and hurdles between you and your dream.

Share your dreams as a comment to this post and then share it on your other social media profiles. When you're done with this, talk about it with people you meet today.

Reflect on the response you get.

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