Do you know what is friendship ???

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Do you know what is friendship ???

This is a man's natural habit is where they are his people there is acquaintance with the people there they mixed. Then we say this is what friendship? Friendship if it be appreciated, is something like this to do with any of this, why don't we broaden this friendship or acquaintance with many people, but there are only a few friends.

Friend or friends we can say that our own souls, sacrificed for any courage to lead on his own whims and desires, any work at all sincere. We are not in any way for the purpose of friendship but also a question on here is that people are today, or anywhere this happens without any purpose or meet someone who keep this from? Some of this is there are so many now have the knowledge of man's own.

What is clear is that you have this friendship before a light should not be any concept of darkness, but the darkness is gone wrong when the knowledge of the human being. One is very sad but then have nothing saved to or said. What you may know what is the friendship of a dream and the dream that each meet  may be filled with this k of human an island, but it is also a punishment may be full when every fraud, how many their lives. This would be the case if a friendship is just so very strong that there is no power in the world could not, but if the fall is weaker than a raw thread. Just a last thing here I will make friends that when an at the same time also a graveyard in his heart the motto for all the evil they may be able to be buried in it.


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