Do you think you can make money Blogging? (Part 1)

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Do you think you can make money Blogging? (Part 1)


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Suddenly the notion of Do you think you can make money blogging has dawned on you. We all have a thing or two that motivates us to start a blog.  Although, for me, it was not the idea or challenges of the 8-7 job description in Nigeria. I saw it as an avenue to make money,  live my dream and study the course of my choosing-Physics.

Therefore you might ask, is it possible to make money blogging?

To answer you, let’s consider the blogging community. There are over 150 million blogs online today, do you still think you can make money blogging?


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If your answer is YES! Then you are in for a competition. Let it not scare you because

If you’re a true warrior, competition doesn’t scare you. It makes you better

Andrew Whitworth

Although the blogging community is full of competition, as a newbie in the industry, how likely are you to survive the competition? As crazy as it may seem there is no shortcut to making money by blogging. It is a competition that one needs to enter head-held-high! To do this with no regrets, we need to fully understand how to start a blog.

Because who wouldn’t want to start a blog and earn as much as Harsh Agrawal  and also live the dream life of your choosing?

These are few tips on how you can start a blog and make money from it

Generally speaking, we jump into blogging without knowing the basics or researching to know what we are getting ourselves into. These reasons alone results in carnage failure and disappointment in living our dreams, then we start wondering, can I really make money blogging?

Before you start a blog, consider

Selecting a niche of your passion

To start a blog, you have to broaden your horizon, think inside and outside the box. The box which is “the notion of can I make money blogging”? Break free from that mentality.

To begin, let’s focus on  passion,  field of interest (also known as Niche), dream and set of feasible goals to be achieved.


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 To select a niche first, you will have to know your passion. Knowing your passion is the first priority, then selecting a niche follows-why?

When you blog about your passion, you will put in the time, energy and go out of your way to become successful. Also, becoming successful isn’t your priority, doing what you love is,  all you need do is just put a little effort and the rest will happen naturally!

You will be able to write convincingly, about any topic of your choice.

You won’t run out of ideas about blog topics despite having Google Planner by your side.


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Passions vary with individuals, thus are you interested in Fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, sports or music? you name it! Irrespective of your interests what matters is having passion. Then comes the part where you survive in the niche you’ve carved for yourself.

This survival can be done by thinking territorially

When you think territorially, you’re aiming to carve out a space that is uniquely your own. And if the unique aspect that makes the territory yours also make it difficult or impossible to dislodge you from that position… even better

Brain Clark

Carving an aspect of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment or any area of interest and making it a unique aspect is how you survive the competition and make money through blogging.


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Now that you have carved a territory for yourself in the niche of your choosing, it is time to fortify that territory by

What you’re looking to do is intensify the niche by doing something more, or differently (or maybe even better) than the existing players.

Brain Clark


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This becomes the bargaining edge you have over other people in the same area of interest as you. You then do the unthinkable, to stand apart, to become the leading figure in the niche by

First evaluating and understanding where the niche is currently, and position your content in a way that pushes the envelope

By Brain Clark

Hosting your first blog

There are several sites that host blog. Some sites are free, example Blogger  and Tumblr . Although you can host for free in the above-mentioned sites. Hosting on Wordpress involves money.


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How much then will it cost you to host a WordPress blog as a beginner? am sure you are dying to know? 

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite places, especially for a Nigerian. When choosing a domain, choose any with the following .com, .org, or .net. They are the best.

These web hostings are best for people in Nigeria.

1.     Godaddy 

2.    HostGator 

3.    SiteGround

4.    Qservers

Best web hosting is determined by


The recommended speed for any website is  between  2-3 seconds you can as well test the site here Webpagetest

Security of the hosting site

The worst thing that set any newbie ten years back in blogging dream is being hacked. Therefore when choosing your hosting site, make sure their security is state of the art.


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Web hosting backups

Excellent speed and security are just the first steps in achieving your dreams as a blogger. The next step is the backup system. Practically, most web hosting sites have backups. This is basic to prevent any eventualities that may occur.

Price, Bandwidth & storage

Cheap web hosting is good but, it may end up not providing the above-mentioned qualities of a web hosting site.

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Bandwidth simply refers to the amount of data flow through the server per seconds. Therefore, though it may be cheap and all, be conversant with the bandwidth. You should also familiarize yourself with the storage space for any plan of hosting you desire.


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For more information on fast running website hosting sites with a good comparison of prices visit top10bestwebhosting   remember to take a picture from that link.






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