Do you think you can make money Blogging? (Part 3)

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Do you think you can make money Blogging? (Part 3)

Although making money from blogging is certain, it does not come cheap. You have to work for it and spent the countless night trying to come up with a good content.

After all, you can’t be a half-baked blogger and think you can make money blogging.

That’s a fact!

Perhaps you are unsure what blogging is, don’t forget to go through Do you think you can make money blogging part 1, 2 & 3. This would give you a general overview of how to become a blogger.

Fear not, there are more ways than listed here to make money blogging.  To be honest, to make money blogging is to experiment on what works and things that don’t. Time and energy are expended during these experiments.

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At some point, the strong become weak.  Deciding to quit,  they find their courage again and keep blogging. In this article, we shall be focusing on how to become an authority and then quitting the 8-7 jobs system.

Therefore our table of content

Become an authority/influencer in your niche

Quit 8-7 job

Be An Authority/An Influencer 

In blogging, build a personal brand. Don’t be a jack-of-all-trades and the master of none.

Stand tall!

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Pick a niche, specialize in your niche area, build a brand, and focus on the idea brand & the client’s needs.


With certain levels of specialization, you become focused on solving the challenges/problems posed by your clients .

After several successes in solving the problems of your clients, you connect with them at an emotional level.

This is important in developing the ideal state of mind of becoming an authority.

Solving problem through research is the best method of becoming an authority.

Let us consider the following definitions of authority

First  dictionary.cambridge

Authority in terms of power

The moral or legal right or ability to control

Authority in terms of expert

An expert on a subject

Another definition of authority that strikes a balance

The ability to influence other people and make them respect you, especially because you are confident or have a lot of knowledge

An important definition of authority from collinsdictionary

Self-assurance and expertness that come with experience

It is now clear that the path towards becoming an authority is not simple by picking a niche and specializing. Or a veteran, but a person of self-assurance and confidence, an expert in his niche and an influencer. You can become an authority by becoming establishing credibility with accurate result.

Let’s consider one example Oprah

Oprah and the place of authority

It is absolutely difficult not to mention Oprah as one of the most influential people on the planet earth. As a single individual and women not associated with religion, politics or squabble for recognition, she has managed to become an authority and influencer in the world at large. From reading books to travelling the world, helping people realize their potential for good and becoming free from addiction.

You name it!

Oprah has 41.6M followers on twitter  and about 12M fans on Facebook. You can now see the kind of power, authority and influence Oprah commands on people.

Anything she says,  recommend, criticize or even condemn becomes affected immediately as a result of authority and influence she has on people.

When deciding, what authority, power and influence are, consider Oprah, consider president Trump. These indicate the place of becoming an authority in your niche online and commanding the same respects these people get only in your niche.

Quit your 8-7 jobs

Millions of people around the world are on quitting their  9-5 jobs. In Nigeria unfortunately, many people are looking for the 8-7 jobs. A time is coming for the workforce of over 120 million Nigerians to quit Government and private institutions and become self-employed.  According to  GlobeNewswire 

The Data suggest a dramatic shift in the American workforce, whereby the number of Americans working for themselves could triple, bringing the total population of self-employed professionals to 42 million by 2020

This has clearly shown even in Nigeria, we can start seeing a shift in the people, as the move  from Government owned parastatals to self-employed jobs around the world, therefore

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It is time to quit!!

Don’t get focus on your career so much that you would forget about living itself. In order to start living, you need to start a job that will engage you less and give room for living a life, not becoming a slave to your job.

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In preparing to quit 8-7 slavery in Nigeria,  it is best to figure what you can offer that other people can’t. Simply put, cultivate the habit of becoming an entrepreneur in Nigeria. Become a blogger, a marketer and make a living.   The likes of Adenuga, Dangote etc can become a role model for you when quitting.



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