Documents of a Company

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The company when registered and going to start business then it has to prepare documents. Without these documents it cannot start their business. The preliminary expenses are incurred to start a company. The person who makes the company makes underwriters how purchase the shares of a newly started company.


These documents are following. Articles of association: It includes the place of a head office the place where head office is made. The authorized capital of a company which cannot be changed latter. The objective of a company should also be stated.


Name and addresses of shareholders are also stated in it. Memorandum of association: It includes the duties and rules of a company. Shareholder’s duties, shareholders rights, name of directors, remuneration of directors, rights of directors, duties of directors, loan rules.


Article of association: It includes the history of a company. The profit ratios of previous years: There is also written about the company initial expenses and rules and regulations of a company.Commencement of business certificate: Then commencement of business certificate is issue to the company and company has to start its business within 6 weeks of issuing a commencement certificate.  

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