Does Customs, Rituals and Ceremonies Have Importance in Today's World?

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Customs, rituals and ceremonies, what are they? These terms are an expression of culture which generates love and tie the people of society and they establish the community and helps in developing the society. Customs, rituals and ceremonies together from the ethics for the people in society. But now-a-days many people don’t give importance to these terms and think of them useless.


I disagree with the people who think that all these terms don’t have any importance in the society. Many people don’t realize that the society as a whole is based upon these things. Customs, rituals and ceremonies serve as branches of the historical tree of the nation. They are deeply linked with the lifestyle of people. In fast moving world of today, people are mostly busy in their routine life and they don’t get enough time for sharing their life incidents, their happiness and sadness with the people. So when there is any ceremony, or any other event, people must go to meet other irrespective of how much they are busy in their routine life. People get together and they get a chance to share with each other. These are the sources of relief from the busy routine life such as for students, who have so many home assignments, tests, exams etc. But when there is any marriage or any cultural event, they get a chance to get them relived from the burden of the school or university for at least sometime. When people get together, misunderstandings are overcome between them and they share love with each other. No matter how advanced the generation is, and how advance it will be in the future, there is no way that customs, rituals and ceremonies be forget. Customs, rituals and ceremonies assists as twigs of historical tree of nation.

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