Does Gender only relate to women?

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Concept of the word Gender is for showing roles and responsibilities of people in society. The role which has taken from social, cultural, political and economic relations to the people of society is Gender. These ideology and operation technique, social behaviors and values which relate to men and women of the society and appointed by the own society calls Gender.

Gender is a social object that relate for all people of the society. In grammatical point the word Gender is a generic noun which means sex and defines to rights, responsibilities and capabilities for participating of men and women in social affairs. These responsibilities for both men and women cover principles and regulations which offer by the society.

The different between Gender and Sex is that Gender means the equalization of men and women in a developmental issue. Roles of Gender are those that consider on base differences of men and women. Gender has three roles:

  1. Birth role: This contains all affairs at home.
  2. Generative role: this contains outside affairs.
  3. Social role: this contains social organizations and services.

Gender is not a natural thing, it has external body. It is not stable and eternal and also it is changeable from one area to another area. Factors which are efficient in roles of Gender are: religion, politics, economic, age and social position.

Oppression Gender is a regular discrimination of one sex over the next for the securement of grand, usually this action is under of men that they use against of women at home, society and government in all over the world and is more sensible in our country Afghanistan.

Gender is fundamental necessity and freedom of human that is essential for normal human. This necessity is equal for men and women. Through Gender we can annihilate sexual discrimination and bring equalization in both. Justice in Gender is the adaptable process with men and women. The goal of Gender is equalization that both men and women be active together and increase economic of the society. Increasing of Gender equalization means to stand bases of human rights.

As above sentences indicate that Gender relate to both men and women, then here I can answer the title question; Gender is not only relates to women but it is also relates to men and shows pathways of equalization and working together of both for development of the country.

By Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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Kabul University

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