Dogs will now diagnosed the cancer!

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This is done for sense is famous dogs on long distance, wrap in several layers deep in or sign up and smell the item that is why bugyr dog trained for law enforcement are very helpful, but the United States It's a dog in the mines or drugs but does identify cancer in humans.

German Shepherd named Frankie cancer, US researchers throat glands (thyroid cancer) is trained to diagnose. Dog urine smell can tell a person that the person has thyroid cancer or not. During the experiment the dog urine samples of 34 different individuals were snghayy. The bacteria were present in samples of cancer, they stood samples. In which the bacteria were not turned away from their dog.Badazanmydykl tests evaluate the dog proved to be 88% accurate.

Arkansas University experts say that Frank has just two errors. Professor Arnie gets diagnosed with cancer of the dog was never before experienced. Research studies conducted in the past, but it was definitely clear that the dogs are free of cancer and cancer-prone tissues can differentiate.

Professor Arnie girlfriend and his dog team that wanted to see the presence or absence of cancer can guess is correct or not. The researchers were surprised at the results of the experiment. Thyroid cancer occurs in the tonsils. This type of cancer affects relatively low. Usually the diagnosis is testing hormone levels in the blood.

The University says Dr. Donald budynr may be difficult to diagnose thyroid cancer, after surgery also can not conclusively say that the patient is free of cancer. However, because the dog can feel it done for their sense of humanity is ten times more powerful.

Despite this experience, experts say dogs can not be used in the diagnosis of cancer, but the cancer can be devised to identify new test.

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