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      I'm a mom with two kids.  I used to have a job at a rubber manufacturing company run by Japanese here in our country but I decided to quit to closely supervise my kids. My youngest used to be a sick child so I given up my job to take care of her. Being at home all the time made me bore so I decided to built a store at the front of our house. Our house is near the side walk and near in public school so it is wise to have a store here. I'm now one year and 3 months widow and it's really difficult for me because my kids are still young and studying. I have to work hard to give them the best life I could provide them.

     Being in store, there are many  idle times and I don't want to waste it by waiting for customers. To make my idle time profitable, I'm surfing in the internet. I always surf on the good paying sites like bitlanders, bitcoin faucets and other PTC. At present I'm more active on bitlanders since my net is not good on other PTC. There are so many paying sites that are really good in terms of earning but you have to be patient. Most of the free paying sites like this require much of our time to earn more. Much effort is needed if you want to have a good earnings.

     "Patience is virtue" really applies on these paying sites including bitlanders. The more you spend time and do the required task the more you have the possibility to earn more. I'm not a high earner here because I'm not good in posting but what I like here is the fun it was given to me. I'm more of a buzzer and commenter than a poser. I really love to interact. I used to be Bubblews active subscriber and from there I became fond of interactions. The more you interact the more you expand your influence which is given a point here as per statistics is concern.

      Motivation is my forte so every time I see a subscriber losing hope in this site I will surely give them a motivation comment. I motivate people if I see something good for them to stay because if not I'm the first who will walk out. ha ha, funny but it's true.

      To those I cannot visit everyday I'm sorry since my net is not friendly all the time. If my net is in good condition surely I can do visit my avid subscribers and leave a comments in one of their post to show them "Hey I'm still active". I know you feel the same too. There are times you cannot visit me or your other subscribers but once you have much time you surely do the regular visit.

      Hoping for a longer time with you doing the bit. I'm really happy to meet you here. Even if we see each other in pictures only seems like we have known each other for a long time. To those who didn't post their original picture, I hope to see you guys someday. I love you all bitlanders people.

     I post here my store picture where I do my task in bitlanders.

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