Doing same things VS trying new things

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Some people believe that doing same things is better than trying new things, according to their views of point someone who deals with same things all the time, He could get much experience in that field and becomes perfect so it’s not needed to waste the time with other fields.

In my perspective this idea is not acceptable to me and I have several supportive reasons that will be mentioned.

The most important reason is that doing same things blocks creation and invention. It’s clear that creative people are the most successful ones in the world because they experiment new things and experiences and they do not limit their abilities.

Another reason is that dealing with same tasks and activities may be tedious and boring while proceeding repetitive works our energy spends on unnecessary areas. So that’s why we don’t have thirst and enough energy to deal with new things.

When we are proceeding new experiences we have this opportunity to be in touch with new things and phenomenons. however we live in a different situation nowadays, so we must keep ourselves up to date with these differences and try to be accommodated with the pace of life in today’s world. That’s why we must try to deal with new things instead of doing same things .

Furthermore I believe that by trying new things we could reach to a strong self confidence that helps us to perform our plans and make us to succeed in our plan based activities.

Given reasons I alleged above, we may easily reach the conclusion that trying new things is better than doing same things.

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                                                                          Author: Mohammad Kumail Jawadi

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My name is Mohammad Kumail Jawadi, I am studying Computer Science Faculty at Kabul University and working as a blogger at Film Annex, I love my home land “Afghanistan” and its citizens, I like to have relationship with my nice compatriots and other excellent people.

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