Domestic violence effect on children

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Domestic violence effect on children

Many people thinks that violence is the weapon of man to control his spouse and children  and mostly people in third world country do not vote against domestic violence and they say that man has to beat or abuse his family in order to control them.  Mostly in these broken families all children witnessed the domestic violence, this may be seeing the abuse or may be hearing the vulgar language or shouting from other room. These thing effect children in many ways.


According to research about seventy to eighty present children in world witness the domestic violence and mostly the victims are women just about thirty two present victims are men. Mostly children are sensible and they want love but when their parents don’t give then love and they witness domestic violence everyday they become sensitive.

For outer world these children are normal but form inside these are broken and alone. Sometimes these children also lack self-confidence. According to physiologist such type of children grows to an aggressive person and some time as physic. And survey   reveal that about seventy six percent of these children when grow use domestic violence as the weapon just like their father.

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