Domestic violence

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domestic violence  is used widely in many countries. Though it is now consider as serious problem in many countries and government has stricken the law but in many third world countries domestic violence is practiced freely and mostly men practiced it widely against women and children.

Mostly this kind of violence occur in that countries where literacy rate is low then sixty percent mostly Afghanistan, Pakistan, India   etc. the report about domestic violence which came at the scenario of world in 2010 states that about sixty four present women in Pakistan face domestic violence every day and in India rates are amazingly high about seventy eight percent women face domestic violence.

In third world countries people don’t see domestic violence as crime they think it as house issue and there is no rule of law in the third world countries against such heinous act. Domestic violence is also practiced in first world countries but there the rates are low then then many other second and first world countries. There are many reason of domestic violence but main reasons of it are ignorance, short tempered and lack of education.