Donate to Safety Harbor Kids Foundation on bitLanders – A Foundation to Help Homeless Children

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bitLanders users have the opportunity to donate part of the Bitcoin earned on the platform to charities, and get rewarded with Buzz Bonuses to use further on the platform.

Safety Harbor Kids is one of the cvharities that recently joined us. Safety Harbor Kids is working to improve the lives of homeless and orphan children in the US and worldwide through education and arts.

Safety Harbor Kids was founded in 2007 by John Williams, a parentless child at age 9. SHK has helped thousands of children learn that they can accomplish their goals and dreams.

They hold special events to invite community members and introduce children to SHK’s enrichment programs each spring, fall and winter. Through enrichment programs, they teach children about colleges, careers, music and arts.

SHK has helped over 3,000 disadvantage children and received an appreciation award from Vista del Mar foster home for their community services.

If you wish to help and support SHK Foundation, please visit our charity page.

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