Don't Touch the Paints: Compulsory Education

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It's just jumping out at me more and more recently. It's like a museum. You study the greats, but you can't touch the paints.

You learn myriad disjointed facts and figures, dates and places, names and terminology, and memorize all these things from a distance, with life roped-off behind double-paned glass as if it were a relic.

You study the greats. You don't become great. That's understood. You memorize their ideas. You don't build on them and form your own. Who do you think you are? Einstein!
He failed school!

You simply learn. Who are you to DO? People have already DONE. Now it is your job to regurgitate whitewashed stories about these individuals instead of creating your own.

We waste your day, all day, every day.

So pay attention.

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