Dota 2 Asia Championship: Compendium stretch goals released

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The stretch goals for the Dota2 Asia Championships have been released. The highest stretch goal is at $1,125,000 with the promised reward being a Dota2 concert.

The Dota2 Asia Championship (DAC), a tournament widely viewed as an Eastern version of The International, has announced 11 prize pool stretch goals for their compendium; with the lowest at $250,00 and highest at $1,250,000. A few of the more note worthy goals are a Dota2 concert and a new cursor pack.

DAC's compendium is a TI4 style compendium where consumers must level up their compendium to gain more rewards. Following the TI4 model, compendium points can be received through either the store or playing the game; both 25% of compendium points and sales will be added to the total prize pool which in turn helps reaching the set goals.

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