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One of the newest members of the GMRF family is Ngawang, a 15 year old Tibetan boy.  Ngawang sustained a terrible injury in his home country of India.  What started out as an average summer day turned into the most horrific event in the young man’s life.  It was warm and there was a light breeze prompting his younger brother to fly his kite.  After finally getting the kite up in the air it quickly became entangled in a tree, and like any little brother he went to his big brother Ngawang for help.  Ngawang attempted to free the kite using a metal pole when he accidentally struck a high-voltage electrical wire and things changed forever in a single instant.  The accident left Ngawang a double-amputee losing both his arms.  He also sustained painful burns to much of his upper body. 

This horrendous accident has taken as much emotionally as it has physically.  The once boisterous and confident teenager became more introverted and quiet following the tragedy, but his love for singing has never waned.  If anything it has become stronger.  Music has taken on a therapeutic quality for Ngawang helping him get through surgeries and tough times.  Ngawang is a fighter and the GMRF is in his corner helping him both physically and emotionally achieve every goal he sets out to accomplish.  

Ngawang’s parents’ intense struggle to find their son help eventually led to the Global Medical Relief Fund.  With their help Ngawang regain his confidence as well as his youth.  Thanks to generous philanthropic donations the house is well equipped to handle amputee children from all over the world. 

He met his new best friend Ahmed- a fellow teenager from Iraq who was blinded in a vicious rocket attack.  In-between his surgeries and pediatric prosthetic fittings he can be a kid again.    

With the help of the GMRF, Ngawang will be able to regain his confidence and become a productive member of society.  He is progressing nicely and it is beyond exciting to see him making progress on a daily basis. 

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The Global Medical Relief Fund works to help victimized children from around the world, and most urgently with those affected by war or natural disasters. We strive every day to bring assistance to these young victims even when it may be beyond the reach of their own families and communities,…

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