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Women's Education is a topic very close to my heart, and intrinsically linked with the progress of Afghanistan. Women were relegated to the status of objects during the Taliban rule and were treated worse than animals with no basic rights like education. But the past decade has seen active strides being made in this area. Dr. Ushma Neill, Executive Editor of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, has a Ph. D. in biomedical engineering. She also  has active interest in science policy and biomedical issues. She shares her views on women’s education in Afghanistan in this video. She thinks and speaks very highly of the efforts of Film Annex on the ground in Afghanistan towards promoting education.

Film Annex is a leader in digital media. It is doing the right thing by promoting internet classrooms in a country where computers and internet penetration is abysmally low. In this global world, internet is knowledge; it is power. And Film Annex endeavors to get more and more students connected with the external world through the power of the internet, blogs, and social media. This is laudable and definitely  a praiseworthy contribution to the cause of education.

Afghanistan has a fledgling economy somewhat like wet clay. And, Film Annex is trying to take an initiative in this part of the world that really needs it. And, the biggest sphere of development is education. So, their entire effort is very focused and will make a real difference to the lives of the people of Afghanistan. Digital media is a powerful medium these days. Education and economic growth stem from it. For a person to have an opportunity to be educated and to have access to internet opens out doors of opportunity for learning as well as employment. In that sense, it is an initiative that has the power to bring about real and concrete change.

The most important step towards elevating a society is by investing in its education. Education facilitates learning and awareness. Education brings forth career opportunities and in turn economic growth and development. Thus, Dr. Neill is extremely effusive in her praise of Film Annex’s initiatives in Afghanistan.

Do watch her entire interview in the video above for she makes some very valid observations and shares some great insights.

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