Dragon Ball Super Ep. 73

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第73話「Gohan's misfortune! It can't be, the Great Saiyaman gets turned into a movie!?」 (01/08)
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※Summary: Evil can't be forgiven!! The ally of Justice, Great Saiyaman appears!!
Unexpected events get Gohan in high spirits!
The Great Saiyaman and Mister Satan will have their dream match in a movie! The Great Saiyaman is to be played by an actor called Barry Kaan (Barii Kaan, whatever that's a pun on) but Gohan himself volunteers to be his stuntman in dangerous scenes.

Jaco this week: A great error during patrol!?
In the middle of escorting the heinous criminal "Watagasshu", Jaco stops by a ramen stand in space. While distracted, the criminal escapes...!?

脚本:キング・リュウ 演出:広嶋秀樹 絵コンテ:越多由美 作画監督:板井寛幸


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