Dream Come True

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March 24, 2015- The blessing of the new one-classroom building commenced with a short prayer then the ribbon cutting. This event is a dream come true for the faculty and staff of our school because for the past school year the two sections of Grade 2 has been holding their class in a classroom with just a thin plywood as their divider. 

This blessing was made possible through fund raising for the SY 2013-2014 and SY 2014-2015. We are grateful to the parents, the teachers, school staff and the barangay council for without their collaborative effort and their spirit of volunteerism this project would just remain a wish upon the star.

As what the pastor said, "From this moment on, this classroom will produce learned and educated youths year after year.They are our future. They will be the pag-asa (hope) ng Baguio."

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