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 In the following lines you will find the steps , through which anyone can achieve the American dream is to travel to the United States and how to get a visa.

What are the procedures that allow the young generation to be eligible for Migration ( IOM ) in order to achieve his dreams of traveling?

If the young man wants to emigrate to the United States , there are four ways in which could be eligible for Migration (IOM) , namely :

First: to have a first degree relative and be a U.S.citizen or hold permanent residency and be ready to apply for Migration (IOM) on your behalf . If your father or your mother or your brother or your sister or your wife or your husband or your son holds U.S. citizenship , or if your wife or your husband obtained a permanent residence, or if you are married, your mother or your father obtained a permanent residence , it can be all those applying for Migration (IOM) on behalf of  you.

Second: If he has a fiancée or preacher holds U.S.citizenship can be for this citizen to apply for a fiancé visa on your behalf. You can change this visa for an immigrant visa if the marriage within 90 days of your login USA.

Third: there must be an employer in the United States is prepared to apply for Migration (IOM) on your behalf , and can also be performed one of his relatives - class Americans to provide initial demand.

Fourth: In the absence of any of the above conditions can register through a program of random migration that takes place annually.


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