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There are dreams which a person sees while sleeping.the ones which a person cannot control. the ones when he woke up he wish could be real. and then there are dreams which a person desire to have or desire to do.                                                                                                                                                                             

There are endless desires a person can have.. but not all of them come true...

Dreams can be a pain.. its strange when a person thunks about his dream all the time... pray for it day and night and then wen the time came ... boom everything is just gone...

what remains are the shattered pieces of what he thought was going to happen.

broken dreams hurts more than a broken hand... although you cant see the pieces yet  you cant bear the pain the hopelessness and the agony

I know I am being dramatic but to some extent . the dreams are also dramatic and not real

so you have to wait your whole life just to see your dreams come true. you have to work your ass of and most importantly do not rely on someone else..

everyone is running after his dream and all he thinks of is to make it true so their priority is themselves and yours should be yourself.

Many people around us  are so lucky that they are born with their dreams being in real life

they don't have to work hard rely on others or wait for a long tym

they dream and it happens, they are either rich or....... rich

yes money is everything ....

They say you cannot buy everything with money

I say u can pursue all your dreams  or majority of them with money bcoz every important act involves money but the question is...

Poor people should not have dreams???and if they should, then how to fulfill them???i mean there is no magic or Krrish in real life so..??

I am still looking for the answer.....

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