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In this Blog we will discuss  the wearing of dress according to ones personality.for this we should firstly know what personality means.

Meaning of Personality:

Personality means the way a person looks. Personality have two aspects first is Physical apparent personality and second is Internal personality.In the selection of a dress these two aspects of personality should be kept in mind. The brief description of these two personalities are given below:

Physical or Apparent Personality:

In physical personality the person's physical appearance ,its color ,height and its figure are included . The Person with medium height should wear Vertical and slope shape designs so that they look tall.The person with thin body structure should not wear long prints and too much tight dresses .

The person with fair skin tone can wear all color scheme preferable bright colors suits them. The person with dark skin tone should wear light color fabric and if they want to wear dark and bright color then mix them with white tone .

Internal Personality:

A dress also have a relationship with physical personality but also with internal personality.By internal personality we mean the way of living habits and behavior of a person. Those person who's are shy in nature should wear light color and thin fabric and designing of cloth is not too fit and long boarder shirts or having a broad lase also gave a groom to their dress. 

The person with bold nature should wear bright color and fitted cut designing .the person with stuben and strick behavior should wear medium color range dresses with casual styling . if the dress is wear according to  one's personality than it suits him and complement his personality.

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