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It is a passion, it is a craze, it is a hobby, it is a profession, although it is deadly, even then people love to do it, it is driving.

Driving is an art through which one control over the operation and movement of a vehicle, but when we talk about sports driving, it has become a science, yes the sports driving is a complete science, not only people learn, but they also study its dynamics, formulas, rules, tracks dynamics, weather and the vehicle.

Driver of a bicycle, motorcycle or an animal is called a rider, but legally he is considered as driver and is required to obey the rules of the road.

Driving is not an easy job, as some people think, it is a craft, a skill, which involves a lot of techniques and knowledge and sharpness of mind.

Many people watch movies or play a racing game like need for speed, and think they have become good drivers just by playing or watching, well! It is not that easy, road is very different thing than a computer of a DVD player, if you make mistakes in the games, you only loses the game, but if you make mistakes on the roads you are very likely to lose your life or lungs, so take road as a game, even if you want to take it as a game, take it as a real game of death.

Driving requires many qualities,

Driving requires many qualities, driving  requires high mental attitude from the driver, not only the driver has to be alert all the time, but he has to be prepared for any situation,  because drivers does not have much time to decide, he has only some seconds and may be not even a second.

Good decisions, driver always have to be able to make good decisions in different situations, not only on the road but off the road as well, like understanding the situation of the region and what road to take and at what speed to go at what time.

Handling emergency, handling the emergency is one of the main requirements of driving, driver not only has to be sharp minded when it comes to an emergency situation, but has to be able to handle any situation very well, I think all the drivers has to learn first aid skills, and emergency regarding vehicle when it breaks down in a place where there is no help is available.

proper position, proper position is very important when driving, some people just look very lazy and it looks they are going to sleep in a little while, a driver has to be very alert and in his senses all the time, if someone is feeling sleepy, he should not drive, even if someone is in a hurry.

Skid control, this is a very good technique to learn for every driver, professional drivers are very good at this technique, but armature drivers I mean drivers who drive for themselves, should also learn this technique because it helps a lot in emergency situations.

Steering and breaking control, steering and breaking control has to be very good, where to apply and how hard to apply the brakes is and art, some people drive at a very high speed, but when they need to steer  in a curve, they can’t control the vehicle, result is an accident.

Understanding the vehicle dynamics, every driver has to know the dynamics of its vehicle, it body its speed, weight and ability to stop when the breaks are applied, some people drive small vehicle like large ones and some drive large vehicle like small ones, both are dangerous.

If you want to survive on the road, become a good driver and drive safely be vigilant, if someone crosses you, don’t take it as a challenge, learn quickly from your mistakes or you wont be able to make anymore, don’t race on the road with anyone, if you want to race, go to a racing track, don’t risk your life, if you want to risk your life, do it just in the computer games.

Tariq Mehmood awan

6th December 2013

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