drug addicts in pakistan

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         6.4 million of the people in Pakistan are addicted to drugs.The most worst thing about that is most of the drugs addicts are youngsters.Our youngsters are getting addicts due to the lack of guidance and ignorance.So many parents have lost their child.About 4.2 million inject themselves with drugs.It is not only morally wrong but it kills them physically too.





          No action is being taken against them.Cannabis or Charas is the most commonly used drug in Pakistan.The use of sedatives is higher in women.This addiction mainly starts with the soft drugs like chaaliya,pan e.t.c and then they gradually become addicts of hard drugs like:

  • heroine
  • opium
  • cocaine
  • cannabis
  • crack and meth
  • marijuana                                                                                                               Youngsters get all this shit from the dealers who are just a phone call away from them.As most of the people of Pakistan are uneducated and are not aware of how to get rid from this piece of shit.The best treatment is that these addicts should be sent to the rehabilitation facility as this is one of the easiest way.These drugs have an adverse effect on the youngsters.It is most common in the street boys.





          Parents should keep an eye on their children,their company and their activities to avoid any such kind of mishap.Government should play a vital role n all this by reducing unemployment and by taking a strict action against those authorities who supply the drugs.Pakistan is the worst affected throughout the Asia.Drugs addiction is a very serious problem and we should take it serious before our country be ruined.









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