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Drugs are extremely hazardous whatever what type of it is. The drug addiction is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Today the whole world is surrounded by the drug addiction very badly and people have been suffering from extreme stress and pain. The menace like drug has blown so many families. Many families are facing this problem of drugs. Many families have lost their loved ones. And now our youth has reached to the edge of destruction and this is an alarming situation.

To get rid of drugs is not so difficult but our faith is so weak and our consciences are so dead that we consider them the support of our life. Now in our society young children eagerly smoke and it has a bad effect on other children and slowly they also get addict of the malignant habit. Many influential personalities are promoting the drug business and also those organizations which are taking lacks of funds for anti drug missions.

Sometimes household woes, poverty and other complex conditions tend toward this fatal habit. Man instead of requesting to God immediately becomes addicted to drugs for comfort. They are increasing in number day by day which is which is very unfortunate and condemned able, even we can say that is not worth considering. Now in our country, drugs are affecting the physical and mental abilities of the youth. It reduces the power of thinking and judging. Drug addicts after sometime like loneliness and becomes the victim of nervousness and became disable to any task of life. And such type of person becomes the most disabled person of the society. The mortality rate of drug addicts is very higher than all malignant diseases.

The threats that our society is facing, drugs is on the forefront. It is very necessary to get rid of it. We have to work on solid basis to finish the menace of drugs. Emergency anti-drug is the need of the hour. If you have to save the nation, youth and infants and drive them out of darkness s, so we all have to fight against drugs.


The drug prevention is the responsibility of the government but teachers, students, electronic and print media and NGOs will also have to move. We have to show the positive attitude and morality to the drug addicts. And we have to raise awareness in them and give them the feeling that it is a very dangerous game

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