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At the beginning we have to agree that the internet has changed our lives in nearly everything. but i want to discuss this issue regarding the business field, like for example when u have a business for a specific product and you have your own shops and you are distributing your products in these shops, it is great but what about finding another way beside the shops that could support and increase your sales which is the internet or by other words the E-commerce websites.

So what is the E-commerce website. it is like an online shop and for available for anyone who want to buy your product. some companies now do these kind of website for supporting their sales, and some other companies do E-commerce websites from dealing with retailers and in this case it is like online mall for many and different kinds and categories of products.

So why people now are heading to the E-commerce websites. as i mentioned before it is another distribution channel available for anyone, and also we admit that the online segment is totally huge and too many people can watch your product, your company name which means more marketing and promotion for your business. and we can say that soon in the near future the sales of the E-commerce website is going to be more than the sales from the regular shops in the marketplace or in the malls.

basically when the customer wants to buy a certain product from the website, he/she just press on "BUY" and then the website will directly ask him/her about the payment method, and regarding the payment methods could be through credit cards, Pay Pal, cash on delivery or any other method that the customer could feel comfortable with. and then the company sends him/her the product.

So the customer is happy because he/she ordered the product and it is delivered and the merchant is happy for increasing the sales, so i really advice any business person who has the opportunity to create an E-commerce website as an online shop.

Written by Mohammed Hussein

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