Earn 0.25 USD per Ref Guide

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Today i will show you how to earn 0.25 USD per Ref. In few easy steps 

1.) The Site Registration 



2.) I've Registered what now?


first of all you should click some of their ads so press "Earn with Manual Surf" you get 0.01 USD per click what is actually very high (Others normal pay about 0.001 so its 10x higher)


But that isn't necessary and you only can view 15 ads a day 

(If we do math :P 15 x 0.01 x 30 = 4.5 potential earning) 


if 4.50 USD a month is to low (and it is :O ) you should look for refs


First try to referrer some of your Facebook friends you could tell them that when they register here you get a small amount and they only have to register and check their mail 


but we want to do it for longer so if you dont have a FB site with 1000+ members  (twitter is ok too ) 

we need a good promoting tool 


I found this site [PROMOTION] 



Here you get 1.00 for free for adversing so we use it 

on the right you have [Manage MicroJobs] press it and 

Create a New MicroJob set 10 Workers (minimum) 

at the price of 0.08


I have listed some of Free Adversing Tools HERE



more infos here : http://tbn-guides.blogspot.com/

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