Earn 5 Buzz Bonuses with the Referral Quest

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Earn 5 Buzz Bonuses when a friend you invited registers on bitLanders!

The Quests are one of the easiest ways to earn more on bitLanders, whether it's Buzz Bonuses, Gems or Bitcoin.

Starting today, you can see a new Quest in your Quests Box: "Bring a friend on bitLanders!" Simply click on the quest and follow the steps. It will lead you to your referral page where you'll find a link to your personal registration page, and an invite box. Simply add the emails of the friends you wish to invite or send them your personal registration link.

Once a friend you invited registers on bitLanders, you automatically get 5 Buzz Bonuses. That's not all! You will also receive 20% of his/her earnings for life!


Complete the Quest now to get your Buzz Bonuses, increase your BuzzScore and Bitcoin revenues!

- Micky

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