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Although more than 500,000 people are using bitlanders very few of them have correct knowledge and grasp over how to earn and increase Buzzscore. I am giving a brief view, details and facts which I leaned and experienced here.

What is Bitlanders

A social media platform which pays bitcoin. We know this definition, but how and why does it pay, does it really pay? These are the questions most people think and are seen to ask on chat.

This platform was started in 2006 having name Film Annex. Later it is named bitlanders as it started to pay in Bitcoin to make payments safer and fast. They earn from ads and distribute this revenue to in form of rewards to users. This revenue is solely based on Buzzscore.

A synopsis video about bitlanders.

(Video source: bitlanders.com, uploaded by: Fanbox Việt Nam)

What is Buzzscore

Buzzscore is highlighted in the picture. The numbers after plus sign are Direct Powerups.


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Buzzscore is what on which daily earnings depend. Buzzscore is based on activities we do while being on bitlanders. It varies on daily activities of all bitlanders users and buzzes on their posts. Buzzscore is sum of Base Buzz and Direct Powerups.

If you have active referrals in bitlanders, you will get 20% of what they earn. In this case your earnings do not depend on your buzzscore.

Base Buzz

Base Buzz is displayed with blue color on stats page. In order to open stats page, go to your main page and click stats, scroll down to see your buzzes. 

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It is based on buzzes our posts and activities we do here. Posting new stuff like Microblogs, Blogs, Galleries and Movies increase activity. Ass well as our influence with other, buzzing other people posts adds in activity. It increases gradually with activities and influence.

Influence in what when we comment on someone's post.

Direct Powerups

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They are Buzz Bonus which are rewarded when we complete a task including daily quests or submit content for review. A detailed description on content review is given below.

Theses buzzes are given for a certain period of time, for example, inviting friends on bitlanders gives 3 buzz bonus for 2 days. Buzz bonus can also be gained for certain time by purchasing items from shop or giving charity.

Here, you can purchase items and clothes with your BTCs or Gems for your avatar. On buying some items, you get Buzz Bonus. This Buzz Bonus makes your Direct Powerups.

I added some images so that you can get idea what are possible ways to get Buzz Bonus.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

You can also buy Gems which are used for getting items from fashion store or submitting your contents.

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Or you can donated to different charities from bitCharities page. Doing charity gives +1 or more Buzz Bonus for certain days.

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 What is Spam

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In bitlanders, I observed different types of spam. These types include buzz sub deals, spammed contents, messages for buzz and sub, and some more types. I'm going to be describing these types here.

Buzz Sub Deals

These are what most people tend to do in global and private chats. Even I was doing it when I joined bitlanders. However, these deals are not the only way to earn here, in fact it is not the way to earn. Buzz posts from your feed and if some one is your friend, go to their page and buzz posts which you like. Dealing for buzzes or doing certain buzzes is actually spam. Here I'm posting some images to show you buzz sub deals in chat.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

Spammed Content

Spammed content is basically a post whether it is Microblogs or Blogs, these are posts which have ordered numbers or letters and empty blogs. These types of posts cause your profile look spammy and less interesting. Here, I'm going to add pictures of some Microblogs spammed with numbers.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

Or Microblogs with words which have no sense like this one.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

Comments for Buzz

Before activity log was introduced, users used to post stickers when buzzing posts so that post maker see them in notifications. Some users use to beg buzzes by commenting "buzz back" or "return" things. I have added examples.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

Spammed Messages

Most people start buzzing and subscribing other users and then send messages buzz and subscribe them back. I'm adding picture of my inbox which is filled with buzz sub requests.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

 How to Earn without Spam

(Image source: Micky's Blog)

3 weeks ago, Micky, the helper from bitlanders team, announced that buzz, sub deals will be banned on global chat. People can still use private chats for deals but it is also termed as spam.

(Snap from Micky's blog)


Post at least 10 and at most 30 microblogs each day. You can add pictures in them or just words. You can write about your day. You can add up to 160 characters in one microblog. you can add hashtags with "#" or mention your friends with "@". Mentioning users who are not your subscribers costs gems.

If you like posting quotes, post them. Post what you do in Facebook or Instagram. Here, I added some photos of my favorite microblogs from my friends and top users.

My microblogs.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

Harrrr , top 1 user's microblogs.

(Image source: bitlanders.com)

Mohammad Belal Khan, one of the top users' microblogs.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)


Blogs in bitlanders are great way to earn and reach leaderboard. You can post blogs and submit them for review. It will help you boost your Buzzscore.

I added Some of my favored blogs on btilanders below.

My 4 star blogs.


(Snap from bitlanders.com)

5 star Blogs from Harrrr.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)

Haraka's blogs, one of my inspirations here.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)


You can add photos or several photos in one gallery. Here I added one of the best galleries of bitlanders.

Galleries from Haraka.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)


Movies is another good feature of bitlanders which helps you to increase your activity and boost your buzzscore by submitting them.

Here , I'm adding some reviewed movies.

Mannythemovieguy, one of the best movie makers on bitlanders.

One of his 5 star movies.

(Video source: bitlanders.com, uploaded by mannythemovieguy)

Another from same user.

(Video source: bitlanders.com, uploaded by: mannythemovieguy)

A 3 star movie from Mannythemovieguy.

(Video source: bitlanders.com, uploaded by: mannythemovieguy)

Content Submission

Snap of my third blog review.

(Snap from bitlanders.com)


The content written should be original.

Blog should be in proper, well formed and well formatted English.

Make your blog visually attractive by adding pictures and videos (Upload or Embed).

Don not copy or plagiarize content from any sources.

Add correct and accurate tags.


Your images must be related and suit theme of your gallery.

Quality of images should be good.

Add at least 5 images.

Don not copy or plagiarize content from any sources

Add correct and accurate tags.


Upload videos that are meaningful.

Movies should be high quality and with good sound.

Present your movies by writing related abstract and related high quality image as poster.

Don not copy or plagiarize content from any sources.

Make sure you use accurate and related tags.


(Image source: bitlanders.com)

Imagine what happens when there is no spam on bitlanders and when you scroll down on your feed, you find appealing posts. When we open chat, we find peoples talking and helping in a clean environment. When we talk in private chat, it is cleaned from buzz sub deals. When we become friends with a user, we find verbally or visually attractive posts.

What would happen if these would be real? We will see ourselves reaching on top, even a user on 500 rank will be earning good.

It sounds really healthy and fine to me. This is a platform for earning and if you want you can make new friends and help newbies.

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