Earning Money on #FilmAnnex and #WomensAnnex Just Got Easier

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Did you know that Film Annex hosts content from over 300,000 people from around the world? Whether it’s a filmmaker in Manhattan creating groundbreaking new films or a recently-graduated young woman in Afghanistan, Film Annex provides opportunities for creative people to connect and generate content. Earning money online just got simpler thanks to some changes in Film Annex’s payment system. Our goal is to next empower the women and children of Central and Southern Asia with this same model.

According to an article from Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli,

“To further simplify and expedite the payment process, we decided to drop the minimum payment amount from $200 to $5, and the minimum wait time from 75 to 45 days after the end of the month. Our current priority is to make it easier for students and schools to receive payments to further motivate and consolidate their education and growth in the world of social and digital media.”

Women in Afghanistan have been using the platform more and more regularly, thanks to Women’s Annex and their efforts to build classrooms in Afghanistan. The Examer platform, developed by Roya Mahboob, gives students a place to learn how to create and share content in the “Content Creator”  module. Once students have completed the course, they’ll be well versed in creating shareable, interesting content for Film Annex. They can then begin to generate revenues through their Buzz Score.

Film Annex users around the world are paid according to their Buzz Score for content they create, and also receive money from advertising placed on their WebTV. Here is how I got to my Buzz Score of 45

Now I donate back my WebTV earnings to our 501 c-3, Women's Annex Foundation, however, one female student in Afghanistan is earning over $21 per day, or $600 a month, in a country where the average earner brings in a little over $1000 per year! For a young woman in Afghanistan, this income is an invaluable step toward gaining independence and supporting her family.

By simplifying the payment system, we’re encouraging more students from Afghanistan to join the site and begin earning money. In fact, we’re not just limiting content creation to students. Schools in Afghanistan are also welcome to create and share content, earning revenues just like individual users. For example, the Mahjuba Herawi School in Afghanistan current has a Buzz Score of 31 and is earning $7.50 a day. We predict that they will soon grow their Buzz Score to over 50, earning revenues of $21 - $25 a day. This money goes back into the school system, helping to further Afghanistan education for women and girls.

Women's Annex has a mission that benefits people around the globe, with a particular focus on Central Asia and Afghanistan. By helping people in these countries get paid simply and easily, they’ll be able to support themselves. Film Annex gets a great source of interesting, relevant global content, and users of the site earn an income. It’s a win-win situation that benefits everybody and we market as #sustainablephilanthropy.

Learn more about Film Annex’s payment model and how we help students in Afghanistan.

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