Earthshine ART Part 1

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Here is some of the original art that started the project for me way back in Jan 2012.These are from my sketch book....

Initially, I was very obsessed with the idea of animating the film traditionally, and then having it colored with pencil crayons and/or oil pastels... I just LOVE the textures... I later toyed with the idea of having the character's outline be defined in ink... all part of the exploration process..I really tried to think about these large vistas and landscapes..I was obsessed with Lawrence of Arabia and 2001 A Space Odyssey for a while...... I'll shed more thoughts on this tomorrow!

Also, an original iteration of the story had two characters, not just one. A father and a child.. and the basic set up for the story was their rover / martian car breaking down .... waaayyy back when the whole concept was in its embryonic stages. Lastly, the textures were hugely inspired by a lil clip I made when I was in third year @ sheridan, where I heavily incorporated oil pastels...

I'll post that on here in a lil while I suppose!








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