Easiest way to earn Bitcoins

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Hello everyone , today im going to show the easiest to earn few satoshis that builds up your very first bitcoin... now if ur a starter , make sure you have got a wallet , if not , you can have one from here: https://blockchain.info then go to the following links and do as it says like complete the CAPTCHA or prove your a human and you will earn satoshis which helps you to earn your very first bitcoin :)

1) Red Faucet

2) Score my bits

3) Indonesia Faucet

4) Bitcoin Faucet US

5) Coin Machine

6) Smells Like Coins

7) Coinator

8) Ubit

9) We Love BTC

10) Art Bitcoin

11) Elena Bitcoin

12) Bitcoin Puddle

I regularly earn arround 200,000 satoshis just from visiting these link few times a day and you guys can too , hope this has been useful :)

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