Easy gardening tips

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Easy gardening tips

Since many of you aspiring gardeners have responded to our previous list of gardening tips and tricks so well, we felt it was only right to give you some more as an encore post. Hope you find them as useful as the previous ones.

1. Vegetable soup for your plants
When you boil vegetables, don’t throw away the remnant boiled water down the drain. This water carries most of the nutrients from the plants and is very beneficial for your garden. Before you use it though, cool it down a bit and then use it as a fertilizer for garden spraying.

Easy gardening tips

2. Seeds in citrus
Use an intact citrus peel for planting your seedlings. It decomposes in the soil and nourishes the plant as it grows, and you can carry it wholly and easily when you replant it in the garden again. However, do remember to poke holes in the bottom for drainage.

3. Cinder block in garden beds
If building a raised garden bed out of wood is too expensive or skilled work for you, opt for cinder blocks. They are a very good way to create compartments and you can easily separate your herbs. Lying down a few blocks side by side creates a narrow bed that will give you a leveled area to start your garden.

Easy gardening tips2

4. Use coffee filters for soil erosion
Regular watering can send a lot of your fine soil and potting mix down the drain, so what some gardening professionals do is that they use coffee filters to line the bottoms of the pots. This will hold all the soil inside the pot and only allow the excess water to flow off, keeping your pots clean at the bottom.

5. Egg shell pots
If you are looking for cheap, biodegradable pots to germinate your seeds, consider using intact egg shells when you are growing them indoors. When you need to plant them in the field, just pick up the whole set-up, plant, soil and shell inclusive and plant it in the soil. The calcium in the shell will gradually disintegrate and become absorbable by the plants, giving the plants a boost in growth.

6. Roses in spuds
Trimming and hedging a rose bush to give rise to another one can be a tricky affair and must be learned hands-on from a gardening expert. Once you have mastered the technique of propagating a rose bush, take your trimmed stems and push them into a small potato. This will help the stem to retain moisture while it develops roots.

7. DIY seed tapes
Use biodegradable toilet paper to create your own seed tapes which will make it easy for you to start your garden. You can plant the seeds at equal distances according to the gardening directions on the seed packet.

8. Soda bottle watering system
For plants with deep roots that need to be well watered, bury a 1.5 – 2lt empty soda bottle in the ground beside the seedling. Punch a lot of holes in the walls of the plastic and fill the bottle with water. As the roots grow, they will grow deep in search of water and will cluster around the bottle instead of spreading far. Refill the bottle regularly to make sure they get enough water in dry weather.

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How to have your garden maintained and cleaned

Having your garden maintained and cleaned is something that every single garden owner looks towards when it comes down to every single season. The garden maintenance services that people often solicit differ in the winter as opposed to the summer. In the summer, you are more likely to be able to hire a reliable gardener to do things like leaf clearance, lawn mowing as well as hedge trimming and pruning. Having your garden maintained is a service that is best left to the professionals from Rubbish Removal Waste Ltd. One of the first things that you should be looking towards is weed control. Weeds are something that grows in every garden and the most dangerous are the weeds that grow like mushrooms. Now, the reason for this is that if you have young children, or if your neighbours’ kids wander into your garden by accident, they can pick up the mushrooms thinking that they are actual mushrooms that are edible, whereas they are wild and poisonous.

Good Maintenance Gives Good Results

How to have your garden maintained and cleaned

A lot of times, gardens often have fruit trees in the back, when they fall from the tree; you have to hire a company for garden waste removal. When these fruits are beyond ripe and fall to the ground, because they are real food, they rot within a couple of days ensuring that worms end up in the apples and they end up attracting not so clean animals in the house, such as rats and mice which is an extreme health hazard.

The important thing to remember about keeping the grass maintained is that if you don’t, there will come a point where all the bugs, insects and worms will be all over in the garden and it can spread disease very quickly. Trees can also overgrow as well, and that to be able to take care of all by yourself is very challenging, which ensures that you need to hire a gardener to be able to shear off branches as sometimes, an entire tree because it is getting in the way. You will often find that the denser a tree, the more likely it will end up blocking light, so having tree cutting is also very important.

Restoring Your Lawn

How to have your garden maintained and cleaned2Lawn restoration and repair, is also something that people will invest in. Sometimes you find that some grass in some places is higher and longer than in others and it is often the case that you have to lift up the grass and uproot it to be able to replace it with proper lawn rollout that makes everything look even. It is challenging enough to be able to think that you can do this all by yourself, because even if you are able to cut all the grass all by yourself; there can and will be patches that are uneven.

Landscape gardening is often very a commonly requested service that most people hire to have their hedges andbushes shaped into a certain shape. Whilst this is not impossible to do with a hedge trimmer by yourself, if you are not certain about what you are doing, there will come a point where you may take off a little more than you anticipated. This is why we suggest that you hire a professional gardener to do your gardening work for you!

Bio: Cristine is home decor enthusiast, problem-solver, blogger and freelance writer. Recently she has been very much into garden cleaning and waste removal. Therefore her present article is focused on this exactly topic. Read more related tips on this website

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