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 I believe I have come across one of the greatest retail stores out there when it comes to being eco-conscious, focusing on sustainability. Who knew we had high-end stores that merged modern design with 100 percent environmentally friendly materials when searching for furniture.


Maybe I live under a rock but I just recently discovered a really cool furniture company, Environment, whose sole purpose is sustainability and the environment merged with design. The furniture looks amazing, and gives off this innate organic or raw feeling that you just crave.

Well, the price tag surely accompanies these environmentally friendly goodies; but who can blame them. The CEO of the simple and straightforward company name, Environment Inc., David Berruto, describes the company as ‘an innovative business still traversing the peak of its creative powers”, and I agree.


Just to give you a glance into the modern, clean-lined design, price tag, and extent of the company’s environmental friendliness, one of their beds known as the Lotus Bed is made of reclaimed Brazilian Peroba wood where the headboard and footboard are set in a stunning mahogany frame.

The style of this stunning bed is very clean, very crisp and soothing all at once. So you can sleep comfortably knowing you truly are environmentally conscious to the extreme. However, the Lotus Bed does cost a pretty penny well, more like a dollar or rather $3,495 lovely smackers.


Environment proves to the world that sustainability can also be high-end, sleek, gorgeous and pricy. But celebrities are definitely catching on including environmentally conscious superstars, Julia Roberts and Leonardo di Caprio.

For those who love the idea but don’t want to dish out three grand on a bed, other retail stores are also adapting the idea, including Crate & Barrel, which has worked closely with the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) since 2005.

This is a fairly new idea when it comes to furniture. Yes, we love wood and we will continue using different types of wood, steel, metal, glass and other sources in our furniture. But I know we all want to limit our pollution footprint and environmentally friendly furniture is the path of the future.


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