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                                                                                          Afghanistan economy

Nowadays Afghanistan is counted one of most poor countries of the world. This is the cause of it, because not exist executives power such as, economic, cultural and security.

In the past before three decades of war, Afghanistan was counted one of most wealthy and most cultural countries of the world.

Afghanistan was counted one of most cultural and most splendour in the Teymurids and Seljukian age. In that age, Heart or Heray was one of most cultural cities of the world.    Balkh or Boost as most beautiful cities of the world, and the other cities of Afghanistan was  famous. In that period: Afghanistan had reached to dehiscent apogee  of power, reach, economic, cultural, security, political and act.

 Afghanistan economy was counted one of most famous transportation silk ways .that achieve most income. Before three decades of war in Afghanistan tourism has reached to highest point.

 And this ways as one of most important economical earns. But  unfortunately after three decades of war ,Afghanistan had sank to corruption and poverty profundity, and now Afghanistan is one of most poor countries of the world.

Unfortunately Afghanistan is one of countries that has all things, but by virtue of poverty and illiterate, it can't use from treasure that has.

Afghanistan is one of reach countries that have a lot of mines and industries like: coal, petroleum, gas, and reserve like: metals and mines like: precious stones like: diamond, azure, ruby, and emerald.

Industries in Afghanistan divided in two sorts:

1; handle industries     

2; machine industries

 All Afghan people work with the primary machines which made themselves, because they are poor and illiterate and government don't have any attention to them. All Afghan people use as necessary substance and export substance from primal materials like raw materials, mineral materials, and agriculture materials.

Handle industries like ; the star Canopus, ermine, felt carpet ,and carpet has been counted one of most important handle industries and one of exported items, and had been weaving in north, west and northwest.

Machines industries ; the first machines industrial company has established at the time of Amir Shier Ali Khan in1887 year, and after that another company established at the end of 19 centuries by the name of Kabul house machine at the time of Abdul Rahman Khan, that made hot and cold weapons.

Afghanistan is a country that be wealthy in itself, but had backward cause of three decades of war.

And no Afghanistan economy is progressing, because nowadays the knowledge level reached to apogee. And all Afghan people are trying to achieve a victory Afghanistan. Nowadays Afghanistan economy is advancement and a lot of factory and company established.

And all Afghan people try to use from self product, not the other products. Heart is one of the cities of Afghanistan that reached to dehiscent apogee of culture, civilization, educated, Heart counted one of most industrial city.

It show that Afghanistan economy is prosper and one day will reached that Afghanistan be independent.   



 Fatima Haidary


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